Enjoy the greatest catch up TV service - Anywhere in Europe

with access to over 60 channels of catch up TV, including BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4OD and demand 5

It's easy to catch up with

the new Tazoo TV router

The Tazoo TV Router

Simply connect your Tazoo TV router between your existing broadband connection and your Sky box and the on demand screen will become available.

Watch all your favourite programmes you have missed or can no longer gain access to due to the new Astra satellite.

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How do I get catch up TV?

Sky’s latest boxes mean you can connect to your broadband router simply by pressing the WPS button on your box and your Tazoo TV router, or by entering your Wi-Fi password.

This means that your Sky+HD box and broadband router don’t need to be in the same room.

If you don’t have the latest Sky HD box then simply connect a network cable from the back of your box to the Tazoo TV router.

You must have a Sky Plus HD (black) box for this to work.

What Channels do I get?

You can catch up with over 60 channels, depending on what Sky Package you have.

bbc one

bbc news



bbc two




bbc 3




bbc 4













Access on every device

When you set up your Tazoo TV Router you will notice a new WiFi network.

This WiFi network is connected to our UK VPN, this means that any device connected to the Tazoo Tv Router WiFi will have a UK IP Address. You will be able to search the internet and visit websites just the same as if you were in the UK.

This will allow you access to UK websites such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4 OD, Sky Go, Netflix etc.

One Day Free Trial

In order to try our service we have set up a completely free 1 day trial with no catches whatsoever.

Once you’ve ordered your free trial, we’ll send you an email with details of how to set up your free trial on your iPhone / iPad / Android device.

We recommend the free trial before you sign up for the full service, this will allow you to test your current internet connection for any incompatibilities.

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Guaranteed speeds through our own network.

You will probably find slightly cheaper VPN solutions on the internet.

Before we set up our own network of UK VPN servers we used one of the cheaper providers for the Tazoo TV Router. This worked well at first but it quickly became apparent that as their servers were filling up, our speeds where dropping.

Tazoo now has 4 dedicated UK VPN servers with over 40,000 mbps of network connectivity and as we are in complete control we decide how many connections each server has, so you can be confident that we will never slow you down.