If you have bought your router from us, it will come pre-set, ready to go.

Existing Broadband Router

Tazoo TV Router

Black Sky HD Box

Sky On Demand on your TV

Connect your router as shown above

The TP Link routers come with factory set username, password and gateway address.

If you cannot access the set up pages you will need to factory reset your router.

If after factory rest you still cannot login to the router, SWITCH OFF your existing broadband router and try again. Your existing router may be sharing the same default gateway.

Gateway :

Username : admin

Password : admin

tazoo router

Step 1

In your address bar of your web browser type

You should be prompted with a login screen as shown.

Enter admin for both the username and password

Step 2

It is always worth changing the default gateway address as many broadband providers use as their default gateway address.

If both your Tazoo router and your broadband providers default gateway are the same you will have problems.

Once you have logged in you should see this screen

Step 3

On the menu on the left, click Network, then LAN

Change the IP Address from to

Once you click save your will get a warning that your device will reboot.

Step 4

When your router reboots you will need to log in to your account again, as you have changed the gateway of the router.

In your address bar type and login using admin for both the username and password.

Once you have logged back in to your router click on Network 

Change the WAN Connection Type to PPTP/Russia PPTP

Enter your usernamepassword and VPN server address that you received in your welcome email then click save.

The status will change from disconnected to connecting, after a couple of minutes it should change to connected, and that’s it you’re ready to go.

Step 5 – Optional

It may be worth changing the WiFi network name and password.

Click on Wireless

Then change the Wireless Network Name to anything you want

Change the Region to Singapore – This will set the router to broadcast at the highest possible power.

Then click Save

To change the password click Wireless > Wireless Security

Change the WPA/WPA2 – Personal(Recommended) > Wireless Password to anything you want – must be at least 8 characters.

Click Save