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It's easy to catch up with

the new Tazoo TV router

The Tazoo TV Router

Simply connect your Tazoo TV router between your existing broadband connection and your Sky box and the on demand screen will become available.

Watch all your favourite programmes you have missed or can no longer gain access to due to the new Astra satellite.

tazoo router

Tazoo VPN

How it works

The Tazoo TV Router creates a PPTP VPN connection to our server in the UK.

When you request any data from the internet such as a web page, download or TV stream the Tazoo TV Router reroutes the data through our UK servers so that the web site you are connecting from thinks that your computer or Sky box is located in the UK. Allowing you access to geographically blocked websites in the UK.

No more buffering

Sky on demand actually downloads the program selected directly to it’s own hard drive, it is not streaming the content. This means that you will not suffer the dreaded buffering icon half way through a program.

Once you have selected a program to view the program will start downloading. The program doesn’t have to download completely before you can start watching. For normal SD programmes you will only have to wait around 30 seconds before you can start watching.



Recommended Speed

As mentioned before Sky on demand actually downloads the program to its own hard drive, so speed is not an issue.

Obviously the faster your internet then the faster the program will download and will be available to watch sooner.

We recommend that around 1 – 2 mbps will give you perfect results. However even if you have less than 500 kbps you can still use the Tazoo TV router.